This girl’s story

Evolution. Journey. Adventure. These are really the keys of this whole ride we call life, aren’t they? It’s not about our arrival or our destination – that’s always the most mundane part of the story. People always want the juice on the motor blowing or the largest frying pan roadside attraction or the insanely high seas on the beam every 8 seconds, which is hard enough for sea-faring folks let alone a landlubber. That’s what makes for the story and the wanting to be a part of each others stories, so that is what this blog is all about. Following the journey in writing and photos – which are two of my favorite things to be doing, so I am pretty sure that the concept of blogging was created just especially for me!! πŸ™‚ I am an eternal student of life, however my perspective continues to shift when it comes to priorities of importance – I am admitting to the truth of what I believe which is that we are all connected on a very basic and energetic level, and by all I mean you, me, the trees, the ecosystems we protect, the ecosystems we destroy, the food we put in our mouth, the people we surround ourselves with, the jade plant in the windowsill, the cat curled up in your lap – we are all vibrational beings – there is absolutely no denying it! So with this in mind, this fundamental truth and law of existence, science becomes a little less necessary, credentials carry a little less weight and the every day version of “intelligence” I come to question – especially when the system is set up to tell only a select handful of folks that they are smart and accomplished and successful (and this isn’t some bitter over my grades woman talking, I have always “succeeded” under that model). It is SO limited in it’s scope that it is scary how many people are willing to believe what they are told. And there are so many teachers out there who are artists in this endeavor but shackled by the restrictions of standards that need to be met in an arbitrarily quantifiable manner. Alas, if I can’t change the system I might as well put in my two cents and carry on! πŸ™‚

This blog is my personal story. Hopefully filled with randomly entertaining insights, enlightening affairs with redirection and most simply, an honest look at the way I see the world through my eyes, and increasingly from the perspective of looking through the Hubble telescope – this view of the world I started taking late last year – that we can live our lives freely as ourselves, enmeshed in our gifts and our demons, no matter what anyone else’s opinion of our path is, because from the Hubble I don’t even think we measure as a speck – the Universe is so grand and gorgeous and just being a part of it in which we can witness is amazing – and to think, we don’t have to just witness, we get to be full fledged participants at whatever level we choose! Awesome!! This is a great gig!